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Business Activities

Strategic investments

Supporting growth and sustainability | toitū

Pouakani Trust has a number of different business activities which it runs on behalf of the Pouakani People.

Since settlement was received our Trust has been determined to carefully develop and grow the assets of the Trust in order to build a secure economic base – one that will provide increasing financial support and assist to the members of the Trust.

Innovative ideas, strategic investments and unique business relationships have all provided our Trust and beneficiaries with significant growth to date, so that we now have the foundations in place for future development.


Ranginui Station Ltd Partnership

The Trust received Ranginui Station as part of the settlement. This 2,135 hectare sheep and beef station was taken over by the Trust during March 2001 and farmed by the Trust with sheep and cattle until December 2008 when the land was sold by the Trust to Ranginui Station Ltd Partnership – the Trust holds 55% of the shares of the partnership.

The Partnership was established to finance and complete the conversion of Ranginui Station to dairy – this is now complete with two dairy units now established and farming 2,500 cows.

The Trust provides three of the six Directors of the Partnership, and one of the Trust Directors is the Chairman.


Waipohutu Forestry Ltd

The Trust exercised the option to purchase 1,675 hectares of mature forest from the Crown in July 2002. The forest has been harvested – 600 hectares has been replanted and 700 hectares is being converted to farming with 400 hectares already completed.

Waipohutu Forest is on the lower slopes of Pureora Mountain.


Huiarau Farms

During December 2003 the Trust established a partnership with Titiraupenga Trust to purchase 435.27 hectares of dairy and dry stock land adjoining the Titiraupenga Trust farmland.

This partnership is now the farming entity for both Trusts – it owns 435.27 hectares and leases 450 hectares from Titiraupenga Trust plus 712 hectares from Pouakani Trust being the Waipohutu Forest land that has been converted to farming.

The Partnership has expanded the dairy enterprise to 1,400 dairy cows and also farms 2,500 sheep and 600 beef cattle.