Pouakani Trust is a charitable trust – members of the Trust are the direct descendants of the original owners of the Pouakani Block as determined by the Maori Land Court on 4 August 1891.

A list of these original owners is attached – please note that the spelling of these original owner’s names is as per the Maori Land Court minutes, we are aware that some of these names may be incorrect or different to current spellings for some Whanau.

Click here to view a list of the Original Owners

Our Register is still being developed – we are aware that a large number of people are not aware of the trust or that they are eligible to become members. To receive grants from the Trust applicants must be registered members.

Click here to download a Registration & Whakapapa Form including Orginal Owners

To register with us you will need to submit a FULL BIRTH CERTIFICATE. You can order a certificate over the phone by calling the Department of Internal Affairs, 0800 22 77 77 – payment can be made by credit card during that call. The cost is $26.50 and takes 8-10 working days for delivery.

You can also download an application form online from the Department of Internal Affairs.

Most marriage certificates contain Full birth certificate details and this certificate can be accepted providing it has your details and the details of your paternity.

If you require assistance with registration or have any queries regarding registration please contact Mariata on 027 329 0996.

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