Registration – Become a Member

Registration – Become a Member

Pouakani Trust is a Charitable Trust with the key purpose of supporting and giving back to the Pouakani people.

To register with Pouakani Trust you must be able to provide a direct whakapapa link to an Original Owner as determined by the Native Land Court in 1891. The Original Owner’s list can be found here

We encourage all those who meet the criteria to register. Registration will ensure you are kept up to date, entitles you to vote at an AGM, stand for election as a future Trustee and also apply for available grants that Pouakani Trust offers.

Before you register please make sure you have:

  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • Your whakapapa to an original owner

You can register via the website, or directly through the Pouakani Portal at this link:  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE POUAKANI PORTAL

The Pouakani Portal is a a system designed by Pouakani Members, for Pouakani Members. It allows you to login to a secure platform and manage/update your own personal contact details. You can also apply for grants through the Pouakani Portal without having to pay postage or printing costs.

If you chose to apply to register through the website, you will be given Portal login details.

We encourage you to go back to your kaumatua/ hapu/ marae/ and wananga in the first instance. Whakapapa is a journey of discovery!

We need to see the whakapapa of your birth parents in order to be able to verify your link to an original owner. We cannot accept whangai or adoption as the blood link may not exist. If you do not have a birth certificate and need help with this, please contact us here.

If you have a whanau member that is already registered ( i.e. a parent/grandparent) we can validate your application very quickly through that connection as it is held on the Pouakani Database. If you are the first in your whanau to register, we can call on the guidance of kaumatua to verify the whakapapa you provide.

As a parent or guardian you can list your child(ren) / child(ren) in your care. You will need to provide their birth certificate(s). Anyone 16 years and over must fill out their own form